$120 for 10 x 1hour lessons.  Payment by cash or direct deposit.

Teachers Mutual Bank

BSB: 812 170

Account  No: 52675

Name:  Bernadette A Harvey


  • $130 for 1x 1hour lesson.
  • Workshops will incur a fee, but no more than $30 per  student.



Lessons cancelled within 48 hours will not be re-scheduled. Lessons missed by the principal will be re-scheduled.

Please call me outside my teaching and practice hours, between 8-9pm with any questions. Please arrive on time, neither early or late.

Contact me if you are delayed.


Other costs

Exams, competitions and  performances:

If the student wishes, they may enrol for exams and competitions. It is not compulsory to enter competitions or exams but it is encouraged.

The student will  cover the  cost of entry. See the following examples  of exam  costs:



Most music can be downloaded legally and free of charge from the Petrucci Music Library: http://www.imslp.org.

Most music written after 1950 is generally not available however. This music will need to be purchased as photocopied  scores are not used in the studio,unless it is a working copy and the student owns the original.



As each lesson will be video-recorded, students should come with a memory card such as Sandisk Ultra 16 or 32GB.

Ipads are encouraged if the student has one. Otherwise a notebook, coloured pencils,  highlighters.



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