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The entire show was stunning. The humble piano recital was transformed from a bland hall to a space extravagantly decorated to reflect the intensity and passion of the works being performed.
— Joy Minter, The Buzz from Sydney

The Sonata Project

The Sonata Project allows me to publicly acknowledge my love for the piano and to leave a legacy for future pianists. It will generate a rich and large body of new, serious solo piano sonatas by Australian composers and augment the number of works written by Australian women.  

It will inject vitality into a faltering art form -  the solo piano recital -  with fresh new material and a hitherto unexplored level and type of understanding to accompany those works. It will forge a closer relationship between me and the composers through a collaborative approach to each work’s creation, exploring a variety of Sonata forms. 


The Sonata concerts unveil the new works to the public in ways that pay homage to the past, recapturing the vitality of those nineteenth century luxurious salon concerts, while looking with optimism to the future.


The Sonata Project allows me to share my firm belief that art and music are needed now more than ever in our lives. My dream is that the Project is sustained into the future, allowing more composers to create more large-scale solo piano works, to maintain ties to the new in other creative arts, for more performers to enjoy and for larger audiences to appreciate.


The first Sonata Project Concert took place on 11 November

A most exciting aspect of the first Sonata Project concert was the convergence of a variety of leading Australian creative minds. I have a most visionary and enterprising support team that was overseeing the concert’s development and ensuring its success. Together, we recreated an atmosphere of joy and excitement for the future of music and live performance that people experienced in the salon concerts of the romantic-composer pianists of the past.

Thank you Con Brio Examinations for producing the program of the first Sonata Project Concert.



If you are a composer and wish to contribute to the Sonata Project, please contact Bernadette. If she believes a collaboration will work, she will help you in your application for funding through the Australia Council or other organisations.

We need your support

The Sonata Project relies on the commission of new works. Private giving, government support and corporate sponsorship enable this project to be realised.

Individual Giving

If you would like to support this ongoing project please contact us to make a your tax deductible donation.

Corporate Sponsorship

Bespoke sponsorship packages can be created to meet your individual needs. We would be delighted to discuss these opportunities with you.
Contact us at


Major Sponsor

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Additional Sponsors