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The best educational moments for me have been when a student understands not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of playing and interpreting a passage.
— Bernadette Harvey

Bernadette’s primary purpose as a teacher is to nurture that very first seed of romance a person feels when they encounter the piano and music.

Her deepest wish for her students is that they maintain that love throughout their lives and feel proud of their gifts and accomplishments, even for those who don’t seek a career in music.

For those who want a musical career, a deep love for music generates the deep motivation necessary to improve and excel in this demanding vocation.

She knows how important the creative arts are to humanity and feels a powerful calling to share this fact not only in her performances but perhaps more significantly in her teaching.


Would you like Bernadette to teach a masterclass?

Her primary concern is that students are equipped with both the physical and cognitive knowledge necessary to maintain a healthy playing career and to become independent learners. Bernadette has also completed professional training in injury preventive keyboard technique to support her teaching methodology.

How it works

Bernadette conducts both private studio and public masterclasses. She tries to tap into the unique underlying romance that each student has for music and creativity. 


Bernadette has provided masterclasses for:

• the Eastman School of Music
• the University of Arizona
• the Shanghai Conservatory
• the Beijing Central Conservatory
• ANAM, the Australian National Academy of Music, for Musica Viva
• the University of Western Australia, for Musica Viva
• the Melbourne Youth Orchestra
• the United Music Teachers Association
and many more.