Solos and Collaborations

Performing is what I enjoy most.

It’s the fruit of all my labour.

I enjoy the isolation, the drilling down into detail, and the many moments of musical awakening that happen in the practice room. 

I enjoy equally the preparation of a solo recital and of a collaborative concert. I feel that one allows me to do the other in a feedback loop.

Excerpts from Alternating Currents

played by Bernadette Harvey - Piano


Excerpts from Mantras and Night Flowers

played by Bernadette Harvey - Piano

For sheer physical wizardry at the keyboard, Harvey reigned supreme.
Her fingers know few fears. And the quality of mind she brings to bear on some of the toughest music assignments imaginable, enables her to make even the most dauntingly complex material meaningful and accessible.
This is a rare gift.
— Neville Cohen, the West Australian newspaper (Keyed-Up Review)

Collaborative work has allowed me to work with some highly esteemed musicians.