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Supporting the creation of new music and new performance opportunities is perhaps the most important thing that I do.
— Bernadette Harvey

My approach to learning new music is governed by my desire for clarity, purity and simplicity in the delivery of the message to an audience.

I work closely with composers in a true collaborative spirit.

I take whatever time is available and as much time as I need to prepare as well as I can to respectfully deliver a new work to the public.

I admire the dedication, the lonely hours in isolation, and the quest for perfection that most composers strive for in their compositions, and I am as conscientious a performer as demanded by the music.


Are you a composer?

How we can work together

  1. Composers sometimes deliver their scores to me for my perusal and comment.
  2. Some request me to play or record their new piece, and
  3. Others write especially for me. 
  4. Some new works, like those in the Sonata Project to date, are commissioned by me.

Would you like to contribute to the Sonata Project?

If you are a composer and wish to contribute to the Sonata Project, please contact Bernadette. If she believes a collaboration will work, she will help you in your application for funding through the Australia Council or other organisations.


Past composer collaborations include:

Ross Edwards
Matthew Hindson
Carl Vine
Nigel Westlake
Gordon Kerry
Tim Dargaville
Liza Lim
Pierre Jalbert
Heather Schmidt
Jane Stanley
Aristea Mellos
Melody Eötvös