My primary purpose as a musician is to respect the composer’s intentions.

The natural tendency of an artist is to think about creating the best impression of themselves to an audience so that they’ll keep paying to see (very important these days!) and hear that artist play.

I believe I’m a successful musician when I can bring my own personality and emotionality to a performance in the service of and to enhance the composer’s message, creating a unique statement.

This approach applies to the music of the past and the present.

In the present, however, I have the luxury and the privilege of working side by side with the composer in a truly collaborative fashion.


I strive for clarity, purity and simplicity in expression.

I like to think I let the music speak for itself.

When I approach a composer to write a piece for me, I will have gone through a lengthy period of research regarding what kind of person the composer is, what kind of musician, and whether I resonate with their language.

It takes time to do this research, but it’s a vital part of my commissioning process. 

Supporting the creation of new music and new performance opportunities is perhaps the most important thing that I do. 

Apart from my Sonata Project, in which I collaborate with composers, another example of my new music collaborations exists because of and through the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music. This organisation sponsors the Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festival, directed by the international cellist Peter Rejto, in which I perform every year.