featuring works by Pierre Jalbert, Composer, Steven Stucky and Carl Vine

The Sonata Project

Bernadette Harvey - Piano

The Jupiter Quartet and Bernadette Harvey met in 2017 at the Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festival, where they gave the world premiere of Pierre Jalbert’s Piano Quintet. They reunited to record the recently released Alchemy in honor of the festival’s 25th anniversary and to celebrate the commissioning program of Arizona Friends of Chamber Music, the festival’s supporting organization.

This album features four works commissioned by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music: Pierre Jalbert’s Piano Quintet (2017); Steven Stucky’s Piano Quartet (2005); Carl Vine’s Fantasia for Piano Quintet (2013); and Pierre Jalbert’s Secret Alchemy for violin, viola, cell, and piano (2012). All but Secret Alchemy are world premiere recordings.

The Sonata Project, the inspiration of pianist Bernadette Harvey, is an ongoing commissioning program for the creation of new large-scale compositions for solo piano. Through her performances and recordings of these works, Bernadette’s mission is being realized - to provide a platform on which to amplify the work of 21st century composers, to enlarge the number of large-scale sonatas written by women composers, and to ensure the future of the solo acoustic piano recital. 

This is the first instalment of sonatas written by powerful voices on the contemporary Australian music scene. They have been financially supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and other private donations.

Mantras and Night Flowers

Mantras and Night Flowers

Bernadette Harvey - piano

Carl Vine's magnificent Piano Sonata No 1 is now released for the third time by Tall Poppies. The previous two recordings were made by Bernadette's brother, Michael, on a Stuart & Sons piano and then a Steinway. Bernadette plays here on a Fazioli. She also performs the Anne Landa Preludes, a set of twelve short works showing Vine's complete mastery of piano writing.

Both of the works by Ross Edwards are world premiere recordings. His Mantras & Night Flowers was written between 1982 and 2001 and is a collection of exquisite miniatures. Paired with this is his first Piano Sonata, written in 2011 for Bernadette. These works were supervised in the studio by the composer.

Alternating Currents by Bernadette Harvey Pianist

Alternating Currents

Bernadette Harvey - piano

This is Bernadette Harvey's debut solo CD, proudly released by Tall Poppies, the five chosen work demonstrating the range of her interests.

The Dutilleux Sonata is one of the best piano works from the 20th century - very French and brilliant; Kevin Puts’ Alternating Current is demanding on many levels, but always pianistic; Ross Edwards’ Etymalong explores the meditative qualities of nature; the Bacewicz Sonata is an explosive tour de force; and Vine’s Bagatelles are by turns cheeky and virtuosic.

A pianist has nowhere to hide in this program, and Bernadette responds magnificently to the varying demands of this music.